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Canada work Permit

What is Canada Work Permit ! How to Get Canada Work Permit ?

Canada Work Permit and Canada Work Visa is a paper issued by the Government of Canada to foreign persons to work in that country for a specific time period. It’s not like you can get a job in Canada just by giving a resume. There is a process for this, only after completing that process will you be able to get a Canadian work permit. To get a job in Canada, you can either find yourself with an employer who has an LMIA or you can get help from someone.

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Some important Questions of you people that most people ask about Canada Work Permit

Does Canada Work Permit Need IELTS

This question is asked a lot these days, is IELTS necessary for Canada work permit? And there is a lot of fraud on Canada work permit in India too. Because people don’t know about Canada work permit. So let’s talk openly about this, before I tell you that all the information contained in this blog has been taken from the Canadian website (https://www.canada.ca)

Canada has classified work permits into 5 categories O A B C D. In which O category is at the top, after that what is the work of A then B and C and last D in, if you want more information then you can take the link by clicking on the foot.(https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/express-entry/eligibility/find-national-occupation-code.html#noc)

Now let’s talk that IELTS is necessary for Canada work permit, then Canada work permit is not required for C and D category jobs. But it is also important to know that if you get Canadian work permit without doing IELTS then you cannot call your family in Canada because in C and D category only, without IELTS Canada work permit can be applied in which you Can’t sponsor anyone. On the other hand, if you take OA or B category work permit then you can go to Canada with your family but for these categories you need IELTS. If you want our help you can contact us at +1 (780) 566-1600. You can call

 Documents Required for Canada Work Permit Visa

  • A valid Passport or Travel document
  • 2 photos along with photos of family members who are accompanying
  • Proof that you fulfil the requirements of the prospective job in Canada
  • Evidence of available funds
  • If required, Certificate D’Acceptation du Quebec
  • Evidence of relationships with Common-law partner, Spouse, and Children
  • Completed application form IMM 1295 for Work Visa applied outside Canada
  • Completed form IMM 5488 Document Checklist
  • Completed form IMM 5645 Family Information
  • Completed form Schedule One –TRV/ Temporary Resident Visa Application
  • Completed form IMM 5409 Legal Statement of Common-law Union
  • Completed form IMM 5476 for Use of a Representative *


  • Give proof to an officer that you will move out of Canada on the expiry of your Work Permit
  • Have documents showing that you have enough funds to support yourself and your family during your stay in Canada
  • Have no record of any criminal activity and submit a police clearance certificate as proof
  • Are not a danger to Canada’s security
  • Must have good health and take a medical exam if required
  • Have no plans to work for an employer listed as ineligible by the government because they failed to comply with certain conditions
  • Have no plans to work for an employer who offers erotic dance, escort services, striptease, or erotic massages
  • Must be ready to provide any documents demanded by officers to qualify your entry to Canada

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