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Atlantic Immigration Program 2023

Eligibility Criteria for Atlantic Immigration Program 2023

Eligibility Criteria for Atlantic Immigration Program 2023: The Atlantic Immigration Program has emerged as a promising pathway for skilled foreign workers and international graduates seeking permanent residence in Canada. With the assistance of Angad Immigration, this article unravels the eligibility criteria for the Atlantic Immigration Program in 2023, shedding light on the steps and requirements involved.

Atlantic Immigration Program 2023

Exploring the Atlantic Immigration Program

The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) stands as a beacon of opportunity for those aspiring to live and work in New Brunswick, Atlantic Canada. This program, designed to address skill shortages and promote economic growth in the region, offers a way for skilled individuals and graduates to attain Canadian permanent residency.

Eligibility and Designation

For employers and candidates alike, becoming “designated” under the AIP is the first crucial step. The Province of New Brunswick is responsible for designating employers, ensuring they meet certain criteria:

  • Operational Standing: Employers must maintain good standing and adhere to employment standards and occupational health and safety legislation. Furthermore, they should not engage in recruiting for the purpose of creating a pool of candidates for later staffing needs.
  • Operational History: Employers need two years of ongoing operation under the same management in an Atlantic province. Alternatively, approval from the province where designation is sought is required for operation in another location.
  • Settlement Commitment: Employers must collaborate with a New Brunswick settlement service provider to facilitate settlement services for their candidates.
  • Training Commitment: Employers are expected to complete onboarding and intercultural competency training unless exempted by the province.

Employer Designation Application

To initiate the process, existing employers can log in to their INB (Innovation and Business) portal and submit an expression of interest. New employers, on the other hand, need to create an INB account and follow the same procedure. Upon reviewing the Expression of Interest, eligible employers will receive a fillable Designation application form.

Position Endorsement and Foreign Worker Application

After securing designation, employers can proceed with endorsing a position for a foreign worker.

The endorsement process involves:

  • Demonstrating unsuccessful local hiring efforts.
  • Recruiting a foreign worker and providing a valid, co-signed job offer.
  • Developing an individualized settlement plan with a settlement service provider.
  • Completing mandatory onboarding and intercultural competency training.

With endorsement in place, foreign workers can apply for permanent residency through the Atlantic Immigration Program.

This application requires:

  • Endorsement Certificate: A valid endorsement certificate issued by New Brunswick.
  • Work Permit Referral: Foreign workers needing a work permit must obtain a work permit referral letter from the province.
  • Employer Support: Employers supporting work permit applications must register in the federal employer portal and submit the job offer along with a compliance fee.
  • Comprehensive Application: A complete application to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) should include reference letters, language assessments, and proof of education.

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