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Skilled Trades Stream: Ontario Welcomes 1,032 Applicants in PNP draw

Skilled Trades Stream: Ontario Welcomes 1,032 Applicants in PNP draw

Skilled Trades Stream: Ontario Welcomes 1,032 Applicants in PNP draw: Ontario began its initial Express Entry skilled trades stream PNP draw of the year 2022. This has resulted in Ontario welcoming about 1032 Express Entry applicants for PNP on 27 January.

The OINP has invited participants who are eligible for a PNP using the Ontario Express Entry Trade Stream which is quite common. For getting the invitation, the applicants need to score within 381 to 461 on their CRS. Ontario so far has invited applicants who completed their profiles between the years 2021 and 2022.

Once the applicants are nominated, they will have an additional 600 CRS added to their overall score. Not only that, but they will also become eligible to have an ITA from the PNP Express Entry draw. The participants who have received an invitation now have about 45 days to complete their PNP application.

Ontario Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream 

The Skilled Trades Stream helps applicants through a pathway for having permanent residency in the country. This however is only available to the FSW and CEC candidates. The OINP also welcomes eligible participants for their PNP applications.

For completing the eligibility requirements, participants must live in the state with a valid work permit. Not only that, but they also need a minimum of one year of having work experience full time or part-time equally. Furthermore, they should also complete this experience in an organization listed under the NOC. You don’t need any job offer to apply under the Skilled Trades Stream pathway. However, the applicants must be eligible with respect to all the federal and provincial necessities. The initial step of achieving this is to submit an Express Entry profile perfect for the application.

Information of Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream

The Express Entry method is simply one under a system managed to help people apply for permanent residency in Canada. All that directly to the IRCC using an effective application based around the system. It surely isn’t an immigration program but helps manage applications for various pathways. This can include the FSWP, CEC, and other programs. 


If you completed the eligibility of one or more of these pathways, then you can easily create your profile on this system. After uploading all the necessary information and documents, you will have a score. This score will heavily depend on various factors including, work experience, education, age, and language. After that, the ones scoring the highest criteria will be issued ITAs and they can apply for permanent residency in Canada. We hope you liked the information provided in Skilled Trades Stream: Ontario Welcomes 1,032 Applicants in PNP draw.

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