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Study Permit Extension Application for International Students in Canada

Study Permit Extension Application for International Students in Canada

When it comes to student visas, they come with expiry dates. These dates show whenever a student’s study permit extension is no more effective for them to continue their studies. Aside from leaving the country, it also results in various complexities for the newcomers. Students can find the expiry date written in the top right corner of the visa. This date is simply the overall study of the time including 90 additional days given.

What is the Study Permit Extension?

With these visas, there is an expiry date that comes alongside a student’s application. It tells the person when their visa is due when they should stop their studying and leave the country. The date is printed in a bold way on the top right of the permit for anyone to read. This day is the overall study date with the inclusion of additional 3 months. The main purpose of these extra months is given so students can complete preparations to leave the country.

Not to mention that they could also apply for extending their stay in the country for additional months. Students are eligible for the visa extension at least a month before their expiry date. Not only that, but note that the applicant’s passport doesn’t usually expire at the same time. Students cannot do study permit extensions if their passports are also expired. However, when a student applies for the permit before its expiry, then they can stay in the country following some conditions. For those planning to travel outside the country, the students should apply for the study permit extension will get expired.

Application Process of Study Permit for Canadian Students

Study Permit Extension Application for International Students in Canada
Study Permit Extension Application for International Students in Canada

Quite generally, when you apply for the application using online methods, you will have several benefits. 

  • The departments will receive your application in an instant without any delay.
  • The application process is faster.
  • You can easily check all the application’s completion before submitting it.

Before you go on applying for a study permit extension, make sure to proceed with the mentioned steps.

  • Get a pdf scanner and complete scanning your documents for the application.
  • Completely read the instruction guide to get complete package information.
  • Answer all the questions before moving on to uploading your necessary documents.
  • Complete the application fees via debit or credit card.

To complete this application, you need to have the following documents completed.

  • Canadian bank account with your name proof.
  • Student loan proof from a bank or an institution.
  • Bank statements of the last 4 months.
  • Bank draft of convertible currency.
  • Proof of living and tuition fees.
  • Letter of acceptance from the institutions.

Further Details about the Extension

The additional 3 months or 90 days begin right when you get the initial notification from your institute. This can be an application, letter, transcript, or anything mentioning the completion of your studies. Not only that, but when you get the certification, diploma, or degree, that also begins the 90 days of your permit. If the student is not able to prove the notification date from the institution, then the government will recheck the document issuing date. If your studies finish after the expected time, then you should extend the permit at least one month before the expiration.

What to Consider with Permit Extension?

To revive yourself as a student when you are extending your permit, you have to complete the details on how you lost being a student at all. Not only that but what factors made you stay in Canada with the additional time that wasn’t allowed. Furthermore, it is also important to mention that the authorities don’t guarantee the acceptance of applications given by students. In the meantime, the applicants can stay in the countries until the authorities process the applications. However, they are not allowed to study until there is a decision final that restores their academic status. This overall processing from the departments takes up to 2 months in total.

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