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5 Best Province to live in Canada for International Students

5 Best Province to live in Canada for International Students: If you are immigrating to Canada and don’t know which provinces are the best to reside in, then this article is perfect for you. Aside from known places like Toronto and Vancouver, many provinces in Canada suit immigrants very well. Canada is known as good for anyone to improve their lifestyle and career opportunities. 

For choosing the best city to live in Canada, there are some factors that should be noted. These factors can range from jobs to rents to climate and more.

5 Best Province to live in Canada



Among the largest cities in Alberta, this is the third expanded urban city of Canada. The city is well known for its clean system as well as the cleanest city in the world. From the sewage systems to the drinking water, everything is clean and minimal. Not only that, but the pollution level is extremely low in this city.

Calgary is located at the center of the oil industry of the country. This is surely the reason why the city grows rapidly and the job market is extremely diverse. The best Province to live in Canada is mostly known for its attractiveness on a global scale. With the inclusion of that, the overall education system and the infrastructure is also built well. It is made to attract students, entrepreneurs, and employees well. The rate of crime in the city is extremely low and there is very little unemployment within the city. The residential costs, as well as expenses of Calgary, are very lower than other known provinces. You can easily get a single-unit home with bedrooms of around 500k in this city.



The city of Toronto is famous for being the happiest city in the world. It ranks well in terms of employment as well as education for everyone. Most specifically, it is considered the best place to live in Canada for new immigrants looking for a stable career in a vast variety of sectors. Another thing the city is famous for is its quality lifestyle with the inclusion of innovative measures for businesses. From its security to employment, everything is stable and innovative enough for anyone to settle within.


Burlington is the best city to live in Canada for immigrants wanting to upgrade their lifestyle into an excellent one. From a large number of academic institutes to amazing communities, everything is best for immigrants here. The climate is pleasant enough when looking at other places of the country. Not only that, but for families, the security rate is quite high as well as the employment rate. No crime rate, no unnecessary traffic, the city is liveable for almost everyone new. Alongside that, the leading sectors of the country also process everything here. From small businesses to large enterprises, the city is surely an industrial sector.


The city of Oakville is excellent in terms of housing schemes that suit everyone’s budget and is considered the most considerable for immigrants. In terms of facilities, the city offers a lot of those with minimized expenses. From real estate to the schemes, everything is affordable for newcomers. Not only that, but the city also has the best weather that usually doesn’t let immigrants face any challenges. When it comes to employment, the city has a good grasp on work-life balance for everyone. This is a location that works well for startups and companies related to life and mostly medicine.


Ottawa is quite a known city when we look at the crime rates of cities on a global scale. Its low crime rate and high-quality life choices catch everyone’s eyes. The best part is its limited population and high rate of literacy for everyone. This city is known as the most educated city in the country and offers a lot of universities for immigrants and new students. There simply is no type of unemployment in the city and every area seems to grow even more. You can easily find careers in science, education, the law as well as management in sectors of this city.

best Province to live in Canada, most beautiful province in canada, best city to live in canada, best places to live in canada
Best Provinces in Canada for Immigrants

British Columbia


This city of the country made its way into many known movies and films as it is the most beautiful province in Canada. Aside from its vast range of career opportunities, the city has most of the population in the entire province. Surrounded by water on every side, the city has quite a mild climate and attractive weather all over Canada. The city is famous for the increasing levels of employment rates in Canada and comes with a great level of living style. However, the expenses of the city are quite high which might seem like a con for such a city. Even with that, the amazing level of jobs never let the immigrants feel the expenses here.



The city of the gaming industry, Montreal is the best place for immigrants moving to Canada. It is best for parents wanting to raise their kids in a diverse area as well as an opportunistic one. There is a vast number of job opportunities available in this city. The expenses of the city are quite affordable comparing other known provinces of the country. The best part aside from its affordability is that you will get such a diverse atmosphere with such low living costs.

Quebec city

Considered among the most beautiful cities of the province, Quebec is a land of opportunities for immigrants. You will get a quality lifestyle with the best education and employment factors. Not only that, but the people here are very friendly in nature and hold diverse respect. Even with such a deep level of cultural diversity, the city is known for its hospitable environment. This is one of the many reasons, newcomers prefer Quebec city for moving in.

Nova Scotia


Halifax is located on the eastern coast of the province. The city is known for its balanced taxes and its growing government careers. Aside from that, there are also jobs in the private sector that add more to your lifestyle. It is perhaps the safest as well as the cleanest place in Canada and allows a vast range of living conditions. Also, with an amazing Urban-Rural combination, immigrants prefer its peaceful lifestyle. However, due to being centered on jobs and employment, the city is very low in terms of expenses. Not only that, but you can live here with all these benefits even on a budget.

Hopefully, you liked this compilation of the five best provinces in Canada for immigrants. This article delivers the readers answers to all their queries related to these cities. From the basic details to the deep features, every city includes something unique for the newcomers here.

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