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Bill C-19 express entry

Bill C-19 Express Entry 2022 Recent Changes for International Students

Bill C-19 Express Entry 2022 Recent Changes for International Students:  With the beginning of the year 2022 there are a number of changes brought up by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).  Some of the latest changes in Express Entry 2022 include Bill C-19 has been approved and NOC codes are updated. Both the changes will be executed in the following months of 2022.

What is  Bill C-19 Express Entry?

Bill C-19 express entry

Bill C-19 was proposed by the finance minister of Canada. Bill C-19 includes a lot of components of the budget Canada. However, a small portion of it was related to the changes to be made in Immigration Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).  The amendments in this act give the Immigration Minister the authority to make categories within the Express Entry. And on the basis of those categories, Express Entry applicants will be invited to Canada.

On June 23, 2022, this bill received royal assent and now different categories will be formed within the Express Entry. These categories could be based on occupation, language, ability, or any other aspect that benefits Canada’s economic goals. It has been mentioned that before making different groups Minister must go through the consultation process with stakeholders, unions, employers, settlement providers,s or other groups in order to gather information.

NOC codes are updated

NOC stands for National Occupation Classification. It is used to decide the level of skill and education. IRCC uses this categorization system to classify jobs of international students and immigrants to Canada. Jobs are grouped based on the type of job responsibilities and the work the person does.

NOC codes helps to categorize different jobs as:

  • Skilled
  • Semi-Skilled
  • Unskilled


At present IRCC is using NOC 2016 for Express Entry which includes four categories. The four categories are as follows:

  • NOC A: University degrees are required for these jobs
  • NOC B: Generally requires a college diploma
  • NOC C: Job-specific training is required
  • NOC D: On-the-job training required jobs fall under this category

NOC codes have been updated at the end of the year 2021. The updated codes specify the level of Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities. Hence, it is referred to as TEER. It is coming into effect in November 2022. Under this change, the level of job is now divided into six categories.

This new update could or could not favor the express entry 2022 applicants as there are chances that unskilled job levels may upgrade to skilled. And it may result opposite of this.

Processing time for Express Entry 2022

Express Entry draws were paused for a long time. However, announcements are made by the Immigration Minister that the Express Entry draws are going to be resumed by July 6. In addition to this, it is important for Express Entry candidates to note that IRCC is getting the processing time back to six months. It means once you receive an ITA and submit your documents for PR, you are likely to get your Canadian PR within a period of six months.

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