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Canada’s Top job offers for LMIA | Exempt work permit holders

Canada’s Top job offers for LMIA | exempt work permit holders: In 2021 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issued more than 315,000 work permits which most of them fall under the International Mobility Program (IMP) alone and then Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) have around 104,000 work permits issued.

Well, the only difference between these programs is LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment ). IMP work permits do not require LMIA well TFWP requires employers to complete LMIAs to show there are no workers in Canada available to do a job, and hence hiring of a foreign worker is necessary. IMP falls under significant benefit and reciprocal employment categories. The government defines “significant benefit” as a foreign national whose work will benefit Canadians socially, economically.

Reciprocal Employment is when Canada has a deal with a county, which allows for the exchange of workers across borders who will then be allowed to work within the country for a specific time. The labor market is believed to be neutral as workers come down to Canada for similar opportunities.

Canada's Top job offers, canada visa, best immigration agent in edmonton

The IRCC regularly publishes data on Temporary residents and permanent residents. Then this data shows where you were most likely to find IMP holders last year.

Canada’s Top job Offers & States with most IMP work permits

Ontario had the highest number of work permits which comes around 135,000 IMP work permits in 2021, the least was Nunavut with just 35 IMP work permits.

Province  IMP work Permits issued
Ontario 135,000
British Columbia 55,315
Quebec 42,910
—- 27,420
Alberta 19,670
Manitoba 11,565
Nova Scotia 7,605
Saskatchewan 6,710
New Brunswick 4,440
Prince Edward Island 2,100
Newfoundland and Labrador 1,815
Yukon 565
Northwest Territories 175
Nunavut 35


Major Occupations by The Top 5 Provinces

In order to get a work permit in Canada, you have to be eligible for an IMP or TFWP stream. These lists just indicate the most common instances of a certain NOC being listed.


NOC-Occupation IMP work permits issued in 2021
2174- Computer programmers and media developers 2,810
2171-Information Systems analysts and consultants 2,235
2173-Software Engineers and Designers 2,035
4011-University Professors and Lecturers 1,355
3111-Specialist Physicians 1,350

Tech jobs were highly listed on Ontario’s IMP work permits. Computer Programmers and interactive media developers took the spot, followed by information system analytics.

British Columbia 

NOC-Occupation IMP work permits issued in 2021
2173-Software Engineers and designers 1,395
5135-Actors and Comedians 785
5241-Graphic designers & Illustrators 680
4011-University Professors 670
2171-Informative system analytics 360


The table shows that Software Engineers are the most common choice of job in British Columbia and then comes Actors and Comedians and Graphic designers.


NOC-Occupation IMP work permits issued in 2021
5241-Graphic designers & Illustrators 1,295
4011-University Professors & Illustrators 1.070
4012-Post Secondary teaching and research assistants 515
3111-Specialist Physicians 450
5131-Producers, directors 250


Graphic Designers & Illustrators hold the first position in Quebec in terms of LMIA- exempt work holders last year. University Professors and Illustrators came in second. Followed by post-secondary teachers and research assistants, Specialist Physicians, Producers, and directors.


NOC-Occupation IMP work permits in 2021
4011-University Professors and Lecturers 530
6311-Food  Service Supervisors 325
4012-Post secondary and research assistants 260
6322-Cooks 240
7511-Transport Truck Drivers 150


University Professors and Lecturers hold the first position in terms of LMIA- exempt work holders last year, Foodservice supervisors. Then comes post-secondary and research assistants on third and fourth you have the cooks.


NOC-Occupation IMP Work permits in 2021
9462-Industrial butchers and meat cutters 360
7511-Transport Truck Drivers 305
5251-Athletes 135
6322-Cooks 120


Industrial Butchers and meat cutters come to the first and then come transport truck drivers and in the third and fourth you have Athletes and Cooks.

British Columbia PNP tech draw issued 140 Immigration invitations

The Process of having LMIA-Exempt Work permits

The first step to get an LMIA-exempt work permit is to be qualified for an open work permit, which will then allow you to hold any job in any Canadian Province for any Canadian Employer. This all falls under IMP and there are open work permits for international school graduates.

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