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spousal open work permit

How to apply for a Spousal Open Work Permit in Canada?

How to apply for a Spousal Open Work Permit in Canada?: A Canadian spousal open work permit allows your spouse or common-law partner to work with any employer and accept any job once they enter Canada. An open work permit is not job-specific and lets you work with almost any Canadian employer with no pre-confirmed employment offer. This work permit is valid for 24 months or till your passport validity.

While your inland sponsorship application is on hold with the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Openwork permit program permits foreign nationals to work in Canada reducing economic and other hurdles.

Eligibility for a SOWP

There are certain requirements that the sponsor(common-law partner or spouse) and applicant should meet before applying for the spousal open work permit:

  • The sponsor(common-law partner or spouse) and applicant must reside at the same address in Canada;
  • The applicant should have a genuine relationship with the sponsor( common-law or spouse) and the relationship should not seem suspicious;
  • The applicant must have a resident status that is valid and temporary in nature such as visitor, worker, or student;
  • An application for a permanent residence should be submitted by the applicant under the Immigration Program Sponsorship of Spousal or Common-Law Partner;
  • All the requirements under the spousal or common-law partner sponsorship must be met by the applicant and the sponsor.

spousal open work permit


How to apply for an Open Work Permit for a Spouse?

There are several advantages to applying for a spousal open work permit like you can change your job, employer, and location whenever you feel a need to change, etc. You can apply online or physically submit an application with these steps:

Apply Online:

  1. Open the official website of Immigration Canada and look for the eligibility section on the page and fill in the details required.
  2. After filling in the required details you will get a personal reference code, note it down and safely keep it for later use.
  3. Log in to your MYCIC  which is an application tool for IRCC( Immigration Refugees and Citizen Canada). You can create a GC key account if you don’t already have your MYCIC account.
  4. Fill out your UCI(unique client identifier) number. You can find your UCI in your official documents.
  5. Fill out the application form provided in PDF form.
    1. You don’t need an electronic signature.
    2. No job offer is required, so fill (not applicable) in that section.
    3. Also, leave the LMIA section blank as it is also not required.
  6. Submit your IMM5710 form and other required documents.
    1. Merge your scanned passport pages into a single document and upload it.
    2. Upload medical exam proof if you were told to do so.
  7. You must pay the fees required for the open work permit which is CAD 255 including a processing fee of CAD 155 and a Work permit holder fee of CAD100.
  8. Wait till you receive your approval notice for the online work permit.

Fees for spouse open work permit?

The processing fee for the open work permit is – CAD 155 and along with that, you have to pay the work permit holder fee of CAD 100 which makes your total fees to be CAD 255.

Validity of SOWP

Validity for your open work permit is usually  2 years and is not valid beyond your passport validity. You won’t be able to work in Canada after the expiration of either your work permit or passport whichever has the early expiry date.

Documents Required for Spouse Open Work Permit

  • The candidate should have a Spouse\common-law partner status proof in Canada
  • An AOR(Acknowledgment of Receipt) letter should be presented by the applicant(if required)
  • CAQ certificate(if asked for)
  • An applicant should have a valid Marriage certificate or common-law partner proof
  • A Certificate of Provincial Nomination should be submitted by the candidate (if required)
  • The candidate should submit all the Application forms fully completed with valid information filled in it
  • Your valid copy of your passport should be presented
  • You must conduct a medical exam and submit the result(if required)
  • You should show the proof of Applicable fees of government payment

If your spousal sponsorship request is still in the process, you can apply for the spousal open work permit after you get a receipt from IRCC.

Once you get approval on your PR application IRCC will process your open work permit application.

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