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Are you a Canadian citizen if your parent is born in Canada(answered)

Are you a Canadian citizen if your parent is born in Canada?(Answered)

Are you a Canadian citizen if your parent is born in Canada? (Answered) You need to have at least one biological parent who was a Canadian citizen at the time you were born to be eligible for Canadian citizenship but you first have to apply to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to become a Canadian citizen.

With a nominal fee of CAD 75, you can apply for Canadian citizenship at any point of time in your entire life. You need to submit an application that contains proof of Citizenship to IRCC.

The proof of your parent’s citizenship can be presented in the form of a Card showing your Canadian citizenship, a Certificate of citizenship, or the birth certificate of your parents.

The Canadian passport is the strongest passport in the world which allows you to travel to 185 different countries without a visa. The very fact that you can travel to 185 countries without a visa makes your Canadian citizenship more valuable.

 Eligibility to become a Canadian Citizen

To apply for Canadian citizenship you should meet the eligibility mentioned below:

  • You should be able to prove your parent’s Canadian citizenship for which you need to present any document in the form of a passport, birth certificate, workplace, Canadian citizenship card, etc
  • You can apply for citizenship if you want your child who was born outside Canada to become a Canadian citizen
  • One of your parents was a citizen of Canada at the time of your birth
  • You can also apply if you want to be sure of your citizenship in Canada
  • If you have a certificate that is stolen or somehow lost and you want it to be replaced, you are eligible to apply for citizenship
  • You want to make an update on the certificate
  • If you want to change your name legally then also you can apply to become a Canadian citizenAre you a Canadian citizen if your parent is born in Canada(answered)

    Benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen

    There can be many benefits to becoming a citizen of Canada can be so many as Canada is among the world’s most stable countries which has the best economic conditions and have a diverse society.

    Let’s discuss more benefits below:

    • A Canadian citizen is offered various benefits one of which is universal healthcare which is not offered in many other countries.
    • Canada provides quality education and has the best infrastructure, students from all over the world come to study here.
    • Canada also provides safety security to its citizens, whenever there is a need for security.
    • The best of all is that with a Canadian visa you can travel to 185 countries without a visa and with just Canadian citizenship.

         Processing time of Canadian citizenship and how to minimize the delay?

    IRCC sends you an acknowledgment receipt after you send an application to become a Canadian citizen. You will then receive a certificate of Canadian citizenship after the approval of your application.

    The time taken by IRCC to process your application for citizenship before the pandemic was 5 months. However, after the pandemic, the processing time increased to 17 months.

    To reduce the processing time you can hire an Immigration Canadian lawyer who is trustworthy and has expertise in this field. They will use their experience and help in the submission of your citizenship proof of application along with the complete documents which will eliminate the extra time taken in the process.

    A Canadian Immigration lawyer helps you gain Canadian citizenship faster without any delay in the process.

    Canada has improved a lot in its immigration process, if you are willing to apply for Canadian citizenship you should not wait for any longer after reading this article.

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