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Immigration application backlog in Canada surpasses 2 million individuals

Immigration application backlog in Canada surpasses 2 million individuals

Immigration application backlog in Canada surpasses 2 million individuals. Immigration application to IRCC has backlogged to nearly 2.1 million people. It is said that in just the time period of 18 days the Immigration application backlog in Canada transcends 99000 folks.

IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) data states that more than 2 million people from across the world await the processing of their visa applications for Canada.

Canada’s Immigration application includes a backlog of Canadian citizenship applications, permanent residents(PR) applications, applications of temporary visitors and workers, and student applications.

The latest data declared on April 29 which was mentioned by the government of Canada states that the backlog of Canadian Immigration applications has grown to more than 2 million. Out of 99000 applications that are submitted within 18 days and contain permanent residence(PR) applications which are up to 638 in number as of April 29.

Increment in Immigration application backlog inventory of IRCC

According to the latest media reports, IRCC has a backlogged inventory that has grown up to 98,796 in number in just a time span of 18 days.

This backlog consists of temporary residence inventory covers most of its increasing number and the rest contains different applications in which the permanent residence(PR) application backlog is around 630 people.

Months Backlog
July(2021)- October(2021) 3,239,878
December(2021)- February(2022) 3,628,772
March(2022)- April(2022) 3,876,013
 May 10(2022) 2,130,385

Immigration application backlog in Canada surpasses 2 million individuals

IRCC Temporary Residence(TR) backlog

IRCC has come to realize that in order to maintain the number of growing Temporary Residence (TR) applications they will have to include more employees in their staff and work with more advanced and new technology.

Due to the growing TR backlog since 2020 IMSN (Immigration Minister Sean Fraser) has come up with new measures to minimize the growing backlog.

Following is the table showing the number of people in TR backlog:

Application April 1- April 15 April 15
Work Permit and Extensions 314,040 333,903
Study Permits and Extensions 156,387 168,590
Temporary Resident(TR) 555,498 621,451
Visitors 73,450 76,847

Express Entry Immigration Application backlog reduction

Express Entry backlog reduces which eases IRCC in resuming program draws in the month of July. The reduction in IRCC’s backlog is noticed to be around 4,292 individuals in April. IRCC is not considering increasing the invites of candidates due to the increase in the Immigration application backlog.

Before the start of the global epidemic, many FSWP(Federal Skilled Worker Program) applied for immigration but at this time IRCC didn’t consider FSWP Immigration applications.

Along with FWSP(Federal Skilled Worker Program), candidates from CEC(Canadian Experience Class) are said to reapply and will receive ITAs from IRCC.

The processing time of the Immigration backlog had increased due to the increase in the application due to which IRCC decided to keep these applications on hold. IRCC states that from July onwards within the standard service time of six months they will make sure to process the new applications received through the Express Entry.

There has also been a decent amount of improvement in different applications in different categories like  TR to PR (Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence), inventory of Permanent Residence, class of permit holder, protected person, economic category, family class category, etc.

The total number of applications received by IRCC mentioned by the IRCC news website is said to be around 204,227 out of which IRCC has successfully approved a total number of 91,482 CUAET applications.

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