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Latest updates for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022 : Canada Immigration

Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022:  You can sponsor your parents and grandparents to immigrate to Canada if you are a Canadian citizen or have a permanent residence in Canada. Your parents will be eligible for Canadian Immigration after getting approved under the (PGP)Parents and Grandparents Program.

IRCC has not released any latest details on PGP (Parents and Grandparents Program), but there are a few things that you should know.

IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has aimed to invite nearly 23,500 candidates to Canada in 2022, under their plan of Immigration Levels 2021- 2023.

Each year in the month of January, IRCC usually releases updates on the PGP(Parents and Grandparents Program), but due to the pandemic, in the year 2020-2021, IRCC released updates between September to November.

IRCC has still not confirmed the date and month of releasing any updates for PGP 2022. They might also release a new format for the PGP program. The format of IRCC for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022 was such that- IRCC selected random candidates in a lottery, where people submitted their interest forms on the IRCC website. There are around 200,000 interest forms registered on the IRCC website between the years 2020-2021. IRCC takes nearly 2 years to process the PGP application forms.

Eligibility for sponsoring parents to Canada:

To sponsor your parents to Canada, there is certain eligibility that you should meet for instance you need to earn a minimum income level, you should be 18 years old, and many other things that IRCC takes note of before allowing your parents to immigrate to Canada. Check our latest article to know Are you a Canadian citizen if your parent is born in Canada?

Let us discuss other factors in the eligibility criteria in detail:

  • To sponsor your parents to Canada, you should either be a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen. You can also be an Indian who is registered under the Canadian Indian Act;
  • For sponsoring your parents to Canada, you should at least be 18 years old, before that IRCC won’t process your request;
  • You should reside in Canada;
  • A minimum necessary income (MNI)to sustain your family’s needs is mandatory, you can also co-sign the form with your spouse for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022. You should provide an income proof to IRCC in the form of CRA(Canada Revenue Agency) assessments;
  • You need to financially support your parents and should sign a legal form stating your financial commitment to your parent.

There is a different requirement for MNI (Minimum Income Requirement), according to the number of family members and the place where you live in Canada. For people living inside Quebec, IRCC will assess you on the past 12 months’ income. If you live outside of Quebec, IRCC will assess your last 3 years’ income, depending upon the date of submitting your PGP application form.

sponsoring parents to Canada


What is the other way to reunite with your parents?

You can consider reuniting with your parents through Super Visa.  It is the best alternative to the PGP program. Your parents and grandparents can immigrate to Canada multiple times and stay in Canada for up to 24 months.

Super Visa program provides multiple visits to your parents, to immigrate to Canada as a visitor. Super Visa is valid for a period of 10 years, it allows visitors to stay in Canada with their children for up to 2 years upon entering initially to Canada. Your parents and grandparents may also require a temporary resident visa along with the super visa, depending upon their nationality.

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