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Tech Pathway

Tech Pathway: New Immigration Program for Tech Workers at Alberta

Tech Pathway: New Immigration Program for Tech Workers at Alberta

There is a new way known as the Tech Pathway of immigration program in Alberta if you are a tech worker. The immigration minister of Alberta recently announced the accelerated method in January. The province was already applying for this new program since a month ago.

To become eligible for the program, the tech professionals need to develop a profile in the Express Entry panel of the federal government. Not only that, but they should also confirm their Express Entry stream eligibility.

Using this new method, the tech pros from all over Canada, as well as abroad, can get permanent residency within six months. However, having an in-demand job within the tech industry is quite the key to getting this. Even though the Express Entry was processed mostly within nine months in 2020, this pathway includes other support from the Government of Alberta. This can comprise a letter of support as well as a work permit for the professionals.

In Alberta, there is a massive number of 3000 companies belonging to the tech industry. According to the leading corporations, the tech sector has developed by 233% ever since 2012. Moreover, the studies show that tech companies still face worker and sales-related challenges. All that most species are related to finding the best talents across the sector.

How to Apply for the Accelared Tech Pathway Method?


Before anything, becoming eligible for the Alberta Express Entry stream is very important. It is necessary for anyone wanting to be selected for the accelerated tech processing pathway. Since this is a PNP or Provincial Nominee Program, you can complete it in three steps.

Develop an Express Entry Stream Eligible Profile


You can start by going to the Express Entry pool of applicants. This is where you need to be eligible to apply to any of the mentioned immigration programs. This includes the Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class as well as Federal Skilled Trades Program. Since you are going for the new Tech Pathway. you need to apply for the AINP form. This is the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program form in which you will send the necessary details about your profile. All that alongside your tech career and important information for the Express Entry.

If you want to become eligible for the Tech Pathway, then you can proceed with two steps. You can either have an offer for a job or already work for an Alberta-based company within the sector. The eligible occupations sorted by their NOC code are 23 in total. Getting a job within these occupations s the best way to work within the sector. 

Eligible National Occupational Classification (NOCs) in Alberta


  1. 0013 Professional managers – financial, communications and related business assistance
  2. 0112 Experienced HR Managers
  3. 0131 Telecommunication Managers
  4. 0211 Engineering Department Managers
  5. 0212 Managers of Science and Architecture
  6. 0213 Computer and IT-based Systems managers
  7. 0512 Managers – publishing, media and motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts, etc.
  8. 0601 Corporate level sales professionals and managers
  9. 1123 Professionals in advertising, marketing, and PR.
  10. 1121 Professionals in Human Resources
  11. 1223 Human resources experts and recruitment officials
  12. 2131 Professional Civil engineers
  13. 2132 Expert Mechanical engineers
  14. 2133 Electrical and electronics engineers
  15. 2147 Computer and IT engineers Excluding software and graphic.
  16. 2161 Skilled Mathematicians, statisticians, and actuaries
  17. 2171 Information systems analysts and consultants
  18. 2172 Analysts and Administrators for databases
  19. 2173 Software engineers and graphic designers
  20. 2174 Skilled programmers and interactive entertainment developers
  21. 2175 Web-based designers and developers
  22. 2221 Skilled Biological technologists and technicians
  23. 2232 Technologists and technicians Mechanical engineering 

Confirming Your Eligibility


AINP will process and decide whether you are eligible for applying to the Alberta Express Entry Strem. Once processed and passed, AINP will deliver an invitation email so you can apply for a provincial nomination. If you didn’t get the mail and failed to meet the criteria, then you cannot use this nomination.

Tech Pathway Application Process


Once you got it all done and the email from Alberta, you decide whether you meet the assessment criteria or not. If AINP found any fraud or trick in the applications, there would be a ban for five years before you can reapply.

When your application is completed, it will be stored in a pool of eligible applications. There, the AINP will forward these applications for provincial nomination. Once Alberta offers a PNP, you can accept it via the Express Entry Profile only in 30 days. Following this, you will have about 600 CRS points which will significantly raise your Express Entry level.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that this nomination won’t guarantee your permanent residency. Yet, it will boost your Express Entry better than others for sure. If you are looking for permanent residency, then you will have to wait for an ITA by the IRCC that usually happens in the Express Entry draws.

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