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Express Entry News 2023

Express Entry News 2023- IRCC launches new selection program

Express Entry News 2023- IRCC launches a new selection program To sustain Canada’s target for inviting talented skilled workers, the Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, announces a new system that helps to pick skilled immigrants in 82 occupations mainly in five sectors. This category-based selection draw system covers all Express Entry candidates.

Moreover, the candidates with strong work experience or French language proficiency will be selected by IRCC in the following sectors:

  • healthcare
  • agriculture and agri-food
  • transport
  • trades like plumbers, contractors, and carpenters
  • science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professions

Next in the latest IRCC news Express Entry- draws for the new categories will be started later in 2023. Furthermore, you can check the complete list of eligible occupations here.

Reasons for new Express Entry categories

Immigration is the main component to maintain the labour shortages while at the same time growing the French language’s notability in the minor communities. In the Express Entry News 2023, the new categories are aimed to fill job vacancies faster to enable a growing economy in Canada.

The category-based draw system will select new immigrants in the 82 sectors. This system includes nurses aides, installers, agricultural workers, services, truck drivers, and repairers.

Lastly, in the latest IRCC news Express Entry, the main reason for the introduction of this category-based selection is that it ensures that Express Entry becomes more responsive to meet the consistent change in the labour and economic market needs in Canada.

Express Entry News 2023

Basis of categories determination

The categories are determined as per the legal obligations of the Minister to take part in the provinces and territories, public consultations, unions, employers, workers, settlement provider organizations, practitioners, and immigration researchers in the Express Entry News 2023.

IRCC will report to the parliament on the following topics:

  • previous year categories choice;
  • reason for choosing them;
  • the instructions for establishing a category;
  • the number of invitations for the specific category.

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More about Express Entry News 2023

Candidates are invited for the regular draws and those with the highest scores can apply for the permanent residence. However, the immigration department can’t pick candidates only on the basis of the scores. The candidate must meet the draw’s essential requirements.

Furthermore, in Express Entry News 2023, according to the immigration ministers, the candidates must have a valid work experience of 6 months or more in the last 36 months for the targeted draws in one of the mentioned occupations categories.

In the latest IRCC news Express Entry, Fraser said, more information on how to apply, and invitation timings. Additionally, Express Entry will declare Individual categories soon.

On May 24, the Express Entry talent pool had over 226,800 candidates and most of them had less than 450 points. However, 1,200 is the maximum score.

Lastly, the Immigration Department couldn’t furnish data regarding candidates with eligible occupational designations for the targeted draws expected to take place this summer.

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