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Processing time may return to its normal standards says Minister Fraser

Canadian Express Entry processing time may return to its normal standards – Minister Fraser

Express Entry processing time may return to its normal standards says, Minister Fraser Canadian Immigration processing time is said to return to its normal standards in the Standing Parliament Committee of Canada by Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.

The Standing Parliament Committee of Canada questions the Immigration Minister about the increasing backlog of 2 million immigration applications and asked IRCC for an improvement in the backlog inventory.

IRCC is making continuous efforts with the help of the federal government officials in the parliament. They are responsible for policies related to the immigration department, the board of refugees, and immigration. Federal officials guide and recommend Immigration policies through the studies they conduct which will help boost the immigration process and you will see advancement by the end of the calendar year.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser joined the standing committee of parliament which was started last Thursday. Minister mentions an expansion in the pathways the betterment of Canadian Immigration processing time in a 2-hour meeting and Minister shared that he aims to return to the normal immigration processing time by the end of this year.

IRCC inventory backlog currently holds a backlog of 2 million applications including the backlog of temporary residents(TR) which doubled in April 2021.

Fraser  hints at some Express Entry changes

Express Entry will expand pathways for Permanent Residents for the foreign workers and international students.

You will be happy to know the extended pathways in the changes in Express Entry.

The meeting continued for 2 hours in which Minister Fraser hints some changes in the Express Entry.

In addition, he said that he is pursuing new flexibilities in the Express Entry such as filling space in different areas like key sectors by inviting more workers which will improve the key sector’s condition.

Express Entry mainly looks after three categories two of them are FSTP and FSWP.

IRCC will process FSTP ( Check for eligibility here ) and FSWP (Check for eligibility here ) with more care to fill the gaps in the employment sector.

Minster Fraser also mentioned a possibility in the immigration for the applicants related to the specific occupation in the future draws by Express Entry.

Immigration Minster Fraser on behalf of IRCC mentioned many changes but due to lack of time, he didn’t explain the details.

He also said that he is very excited to announce all the changes and will surely open the door for many immigrants in the country.

If you are willing to come to Canada, you will surely benefit from the above changes.


Standard processing time aimed by IRCC

At the end of the calendar year, you will notice a return to the standard processing time by IRCC.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser stated that hopefully, they will be able to return to the normal processing times.

If in case they can’t speed up the processing time, you will be notified by the timelines.

The express entry processing time doesn’t mean the exact time that IRCC takes. They set a goal of processing applications.

Minister will invest a budget of CAD 827 million to improve Canada’s immigration.

This budget will help hire more staff for the department of IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). Department will hire a total number of 11,000 employees as soon as possible.

The hiring of more staff will surely speed up the immigration process hence decreasing the backlog of 2 million individuals.

Besides, Immigration Minister Fraser also hints at modernization in the Immigration process.

IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) processed 156,000 applications of permanent residents (PR) with the help of modernization of the system.

If you are thinking to apply for immigration in Canada, hopefully, you will experience early processing of your application.

If you are a skilled worker, then you can use it to your advantage and immigrate to Canada.

Business lines like PR card renewals are also approved early with help of the CAD 85 million budget by IRCC.

Finally, Renewals of PR cards were processed in the reduced time span of 65 days from a 120-day long process.

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