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Alberta Immigration Streams

Different Streams of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP)?

Different streams of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program(AAIP)? Alberta Immigration Program provides a pathway for many skilled candidates in various fields, people who want to work and live in Canada are welcome to take part in this program. This program empowers people from Alberta to hire skilled workers to fill the jobs that are currently not filled by the local people of Alberta.

On February 16, 2022, the immigration department changed its name from AINP(Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program) to (AAIP) Alberta Advantage Immigration Program, they also said to add two new streams in the program.

AAIP has changed its process for services and applications, from now on they charge fees for submitting applications and providing services. To know the increases in Express Entry funds, check our detailed article on the Canada Express Entry settlement funds requirement increased for 2022. However, there is no change in the eligibility criteria of the program.

(AAIP) Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Streams

There are currently eight types of immigration streams, you can choose from different streams according to your suitability. The immigration streams are divided into two main groups- Streams for workers, and Streams for entrepreneurs. Choose the streams in a way that you are able to fulfill the basic requirements positively.

Let us now discuss different Alberta Immigration Streams that you can choose from.

Alberta Immigration Streams


Alberta Immigration Program (AAIP) stream for workers

This program has 4 different streams for skilled workers, who are currently living in Alberta or are planning to live and make a livelihood in this province.

1. Alberta Express Entry Stream

The department professionals nominate immigrants through the Express Entry Stream, with the profiles submitted to the Express Entry system. Candidates with the necessary skill set required by the province are invited through this stream.

Alberta Express Entry stream provides an extra 600 CRS score to the provincial nominees. You can get a permanent residence, after the additional CRS score in the Express Entry draw.

This stream works on the basis of invitations only. You will receive an (NOI) Notifications Of Interest from the government, after submitting all the documents.

2. Alberta Opportunity Stream

Foreign individuals who are already working in Alberta, and people who have completed their graduation and further studies at institutions in Alberta, can apply for Opportunity Streams under the AAIP(Alberta Advantage Immigration Program). Check our latest article to see how Canada Eases Temporary Foreign Workers Program Due to Labor Issues?

It would help if you had an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) or LMIA exemption work permit to be eligible for the stream.

Candidates can submit their applications on the portal and submit the required documents.

3. Accelerated Tech Pathway Stream

It is the fastest stream for people who are in the technology field, and who have already submitted their profiles to the Express Entry system. Immigrants get an invitation to submit their online form on the portal after meeting the given eligibility criteria. Alberta department sends an invitation letter to the eligible candidates, to apply for a provincial nomination.

You need to score a minimum of 300 CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) and must be willing to reside in Alberta on a long-term basis.

4. Rural Renewal under Alberta Immigration Program (AAIP)

If you are willing to work in rural areas in Alberta, you can choose this stream to immigrate to Alberta. To apply for this stream you first need to have an offer letter from Alberta.

This stream is driven by the community, so first make sure to get the support of the Alberta community.  Communities attract national workers and take responsibility to ensure the eligibility criteria for the candidates.

You can submit your application, once you receive an endorsement and AAIP will nominate you to immigrate to Alberta.

Alberta Immigration Program (AAIP) stream for entrepreneurs

This program has 4 different streams for entrepreneurs, who wish to live in Alberta, are willing to launch their own startup, or buy an existing business in the province.

1. Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur stream

This stream is for candidates who wish to start a new business and want to become permanent residents of Canada. You need to be a foreign- graduate to apply for this stream.

You should work with a reputable agency, and the agency itself will issue a recommendation letter after you meet the eligibility criteria. Submit your EOI (Expression Of Interest) through the portal, and provide the presentation of your business plan.

2. Graduate Entrepreneur stream

If you are an international graduate, you can apply for this stream. This stream allows you to establish and operate a business in Alberta. You should be a graduate of an approved post-secondary institution in Alberta.

Firstly, you will submit an (EOI) Expression Of Interest on the portal and then submit a business application. Complete a business application within 3 months of receiving an email for submitting the application.

3. Farm Stream under Alberta Immigration Streams

If you want to immigrate to Canada to start a farming business, then this stream is for you. It is the farmer stream for self-employed individuals. You should first submit the business plan, if approved by the Alberta agriculture industry, you will receive an invitation letter from the government.

Make a working business plan, because Alberta Agriculture and Forestry will carefully examine your business plan. The department can ban you from applying for 5 years if the department discovers any fraudulent activities.

4. Rural Entrepreneur Stream

It is an immigration program for entrepreneurs who want to buy a business or wish to start a new business in Alberta’s rural communities. After getting qualified for the stream, the candidates finally receive an invitation letter from Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) to immigrate to Alberta.

Secondly, if you are someone who has a good business plan to start in rural communities in Canada, you can choose this stream and apply for it after meeting the eligibility criteria.

Meanwhile, you need to gather support from the rural community of Alberta, as this is a stream driven by the community, you will have to first contact the community member and visit Alberta beforehand. Once you get their support, you are eligible for immigration along with all the documents required.

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