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Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022

How to apply for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022?

How to apply for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022? IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) has opened doors for 25,000 PGP candidates for the year 2022. Immigrants under PGP will rise to 28,500 in 2023, and in 2024 immigrants will rise to 32,000. IRCC currently takes approximately 24 months to process an application for PGP candidates.

IRCC will open the PGP (Parents and Grandparents Program) sponsorship program in the second half of the year 2022. However, there is some possibility of delay in the program to early 2023, as there are currently 40,000 pending applications under process. 

How to apply for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022?

Firstly, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) will invite you to apply for the Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022 application form only after you submit the interest to sponsor form.

Sponsors and applicants should read the steps thoroughly to complete each detail in the form so that there is no delay in the processing of the application. More details on Parent’s sponsorship eligibility is available here.

Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022

The steps for sponsorship application are as follows:

STEP 1: Receive an invite from IRCC

IRCC randomly sends invitations to apply for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022. You can only apply after you fill out the “interest to sponsor” form.

STEP 2: Fill out the forms for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022

Don’t just randomly start filling out the sponsorship form, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) will send you an invite to apply for the process.

If you are a sponsor, you should fill out these forms:

  • Parents and Grandparents Invitation to Apply Letter, and upload it with your confirmation number under the section “other” in your online application.
    1. Application to sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement, and Undertaking (IMM 1344); Note: Both sponsor and applicant should sign this form by hand.
    2. Financial Evaluation for Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship (IMM 5768); Note: Sponsor along with co-signer (if any) should sign this form by hand.
    3. Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union (IMM 5409). Note: You
       along with your partner and any person who administers the declaration should sign this form by hand.

The sponsor should:

  • Sign the forms by hand and print them;
  • Provide forms to the principal applicant (parent or grandparent) who will
    • upload it in their application; and
    • electronically sign the forms.

Fill out these forms if you are the Principal Applicant:

  1. Canada Generic Application Form (IMM 0008);
  2. Background/Declaration Schedule A form (IMM 5669); Note: Principal applicants should complete this form for themselves and for their children and other dependents.
  3. Additional Family Information (IMM 5406) form;
  4. Additional family information (IMM 5662);
  5. Processing Fees.

The principal applicant (parent or grandparent) must also fill out these forms:

  1. Canada Generic Application Form (IMM 008);
  2. Background/Declaration Schedule A form (IMM 5669);
  3. Additional Family Information (IMM 5406);
  4. Additional Information – Your travels (IMM 5662).

STEP 3: Pay your application fees for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022

Your sponsorship fees include:

  • Processing fees;
  • Fees for the Right of Permanent Residence Fee;
  • Biometrics fee.

STEP 4: Submit your application to IRCC

Ensure all the details filled in your application are correct before submitting your application for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022:

  • You should answer all the questions to the best of your knowledge;
  • Sign your application electronically;
  • Attach your fee receipt;
  • Attach all the other required document
  • Documents including your letter of invitation, and upload them with your application.

Note: IRCC will return your application if it is not filled out completely by email. You can resubmit the application after fixing errors.

Step 5: Send your additional information

While your application is under process, you should submit your:

  • Medical exam results;
  • Biometrics;
  • Police certificates;
  • Adoption or birth of a child;
  • Changes in the marital status;
  • Death of an applicant and dependent.

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How long does it take to sponsor my parents to Canada?

In the reports of IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), the department takes 20 months to 2 years to process an application for PGP (Parent and Grandparent Program) candidates.

How much time do PGP sponsors get to submit their applications after the invitation?

IRCC gives 2 months for invited PGP sponsors to submit their application forms for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022.

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What is the other way to reunite with your parents?

You can consider reuniting with your parents through Super Visa.  It is the best alternative to the PGP program. Your parents and grandparents can immigrate to Canada multiple times and stay in Canada for up to 24 months.

Super Visa program provides multiple visits to your parents, to immigrate to Canada as a visitor. Super Visa is valid for a period of 10 years, it allows visitors to stay in Canada with their children for up to 2 years upon entering initially to Canada. Your parents and grandparents may also require a temporary resident visa along with the super visa, depending upon their nationality.

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