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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

PEI PNP and Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program draw results

This week (PEI) Prince Edward Island and Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program issued more than 100 ITAs in the recent draws.

Through these programs, interested candidates can apply for PNPs and almost all Canadian provinces and territories except Quebec and Nunavut conduct their own PNP programs. Getting a provincial nomination can be helpful in getting Canadian permanent residence.

Moreover, The PNP program began in 1998 and since then the annual PNP candidates admissions have increased, currently, it accounts for around 105,000 permanent residency admissions annually.

In addition, the Federal and Provincial governments in Canada believe that PNP programs are an effective tool to grow urban centers in the country.

In this article we will check out the impact of NOC 2021 on PNP draws along with the (Prince Edward Island) PEI PNP draw and Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program draw results.

Impact of NOC 2021

With the introduction of NOC 2021, provinces are adapting to the eligibility criteria with the system updated and are holding comparatively fewer draws so as to adapt to the new system for the PNP programs.

In recent times, IRCC has made some changes as per the latest National Occupation Classification NOC 2021 which applies to the  (Prince Edward Island) PEI PNP draw and Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Correspondingly, the province is updating their systems and adapting to the new eligibility criteria which are resulting in the slowing down of PNP draws.

Likewise, British Columbia until October 12, held weekly draws through the BC PNP. But due to the changes in the system, it has yet to resume PNP draws.

British Columbia has made huge changes in the last month to the allocation points system, the updates are similar to the Express Entry CRS system.

The noticeable fact is that the NOC system has removed the points. It has transformed into a TEER classification system.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Results

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This has resulted in the increase of assigned points for economic factors (job offer, districts of employment, and income), and human capital (skills, individual competence, experience, and education).

Moreover, there are additional points for English and French language proficiency and professional designations.

Lastly, candidates will also get additional points for previous work experience studying outside of metropolitan Vancouver.

PEI PNP and Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Results

Below is the results for the (Prince Edward Island) PEI PNP draw and Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program draw. (November 11-18)

Manitoba provincial nominee program draw results

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program invited 518 candidates in the recent draw. You need to meet the baseline criteria for the program you’re applying to. The total number of candidates invited by the province is as follows:

  • 177 invitations for the Manitoba Skilled Workers and the minimum score was 616;
  • 143 invitations for the Overseas Skilled Workers and 703 was the minimum score;
  • 198 invitations for International Education Stream and no minimum score was required.

125 candidates out of the above-invited candidates had their Express Entry profiles for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program draw.

Manitoba will continue the processing of EOIs submitted before November 16 under the 2016 NOC, NOC 2021 will be used to evaluate any NOC received after or on November 16.

(Prince Edward Island) PEI PNP draw 2022 results

On November 17, the PEI PNP draw invited a total of 149 candidates out of which Labour and Express Entry streams had 141 candidates and 8 candidates were from the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur stream. In addition, 62 points were the minimum score for the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur stream.

Furthermore, On November 3, PEI invited 39 Labour and Express Entry stream, candidates. Candidates in the Express Entry need to separately submit an EOI to get the (Prince Edward Island) PEI PNP nomination.

The PEI invites candidates with the highest rank for the monthly draw applications. Moreover, the PEI points grid is used to decide the score of (EOI) Expression of Interest profiles.

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