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Canadian immigration 2022 through PNP

Best Ways to apply for Canadian Immigration through PNP programs

One of the popular options for skilled workers for Canadian Immigration 2022 and getting a permanent resident status is through PNP.

The PNP program aims to invite skilled workers to strengthen the territorial and provincial economies and expand immigration benefits across Canada. This has been an efficient way to attract workers to different provinces in Canada that have relatively small immigration citizens. Canadian territories and provinces nominate individuals, interested in immigrating and settling in Canada through PNP. Besides, there are 80+ provincial immigration streams for graduates, workers and entrepreneurs.

Only Quebec and Nunavut are not included in the program as Quebec determines the economic immigration selection criteria from its own authority.

Now, let us move forward and discuss the two main ways for (Canadian Immigration 2022 )getting permanent resident status (PR) with the help of the PNP  Provincial Nominee Program.

“Enhanced programs” for Canadian Immigration

The enhanced programs are associated with the federal Express Entry application management system for Canadian Immigration. Eligible applicants for the Express Entry-managed programs for example- the (FSTP) Federal Skilled Trades Program and the (FSWP) Federal Skilled Trades Program are helpful to increase the possibility of receiving (ITA) Invitation to Apply by getting the provincial nomination.

While creating your Express Entry profile, you can indicate in your profile a specific province that you’d want to settle in. However, the provincial government will decide if you are suitable for the particular province.

In such a case, the province will invite you to apply for the provincial nomination with the notification of interest. After accepting the nomination, you can submit the application to the province.

Moreover, you can deposit an application to the selected province after accepting the nomination. You will automatically gain 600 points in (CRS) after receiving the letter of nomination, which means an increase in the chances of permanent residency.

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Canadian immigration 2022

“Base programs” for Candian Immigration

With the help of base programs, you can directly apply to PNP streams for Canadian Immigration. If you are eligible for a particular stream, then you will get a letter of nomination from the Province.

After receiving the letter you can apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for getting permanent residence.

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Documents Required for the PNP program

Below is a list of documents required for PNP programs, we recommend you, read it carefully to avoid delay in the procedure for Canadian Immigration:

  • You should have a travel history and your current passport
  • Candidates must have their educational credentials
  • You need your professional credentials
  • Applicants must submit their recent medical reports
  • You should have your police clearance certificate
  • Candidates should submit additional supporting documents

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Best PNP provinces for Canadian Immigration 2022

The PNP program was designed to attract skilled professionals/workers for Canadian Immigration because of the shortage of skilled employees. There are thousands of applicants who have permanently relocated to Canada. Below are the best provinces to apply for PNP:

  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Nova Scotia
  • Alberta
  • Prince Edward Island

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