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Internationsl Mobility program (IMP)

What is International Mobility Program (IMP) in Canada immigration 2022

International Mobility Program (IMP) 2022:  Employers in Canada can hire workers through the International Mobility Program (IMP) without the requirement of the (LMIA) Labour Market Impact Assessment. Generally, in most cases, employers in Canada require an (LMIA) Labour Market Assessment if they want to hire temporary foreign workers (TWP). But, there are some exceptions where they don’t need an LMIA.

The Canadian labour market is under pressure for various reasons like labour shortage, the decline in the birth rate, and early retirement age, which is why there are many unfulfilled jobs in Canada.

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Therefore, Canada is inviting candidates for temporary and permanent job opportunities to all skill-level foreign workers to fill those vacant positions in the country.

International Mobility Program 2022

The employers in Canada can provide jobs to temporary labour, without the need for LMIA only if the worker serves the country’s economic and cultural interests.

Therefore, with the help of the International Mobility Program (IMP), it becomes simple to hire temporary foreign employees to fill the vacant jobs for Canada Immigration 2022.

Internationsl Mobility program (IMP)

IMP streams in Canada

International Mobility Program (IMP) covers various streams for work permits and other programs which are as follows:

  • Reciprocal Youth Exchange Agreements:  Workers who fall under the age group (18 to 35) years, for example- the (IEC) International Experience Canada can apply for this program.
  • Cultural or Social benefit circumstances: This is basically for those workers who can share their contribution to the country through Mobilité Francophone Program among many others.
  • International Free trade Agreements: Canada and other trade partners have various agreements to facilitate work for the people supporting good trade.
  • The Intra-company Trader Program- It is to help those people who already have a job outside Canada but wish to get a transfer to the Canadian branch.
  •  The Bridging Open Work Permit- This is for candidates who have their PR application under process and want to work in Canada.

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How to apply for IMP?

Firstly, you should have a valid job offer and the employer in Canada should submit an official employment letter through the Employer Portal. Given below are the points to apply for International Mobility Program (IMP) after getting the job offer.

  • You need to prove that your job fulfills the needs of LMIA exemption;
  • The candidate should pay $230 as the compliance fee;
  • You should submit the official employment letter through International Mobility Program (IMP) Employer Portal (if needed).

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Finally. after the above process, the candidates can apply for a temporary foreign work permit in Canada. You’ll get a letter of introduction after your application gets approved. Lastly, you’ll get a work permit after showing the medical certificates to represent your good health (if needed).

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