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Benefits of having a Canadian passport

Top 5 benefits for holding Canadian passport – Canadian Immigration 2022

What are the major benefits of having a Canadian passport? If you have a Canadian passport, you can get visa-free entry to 185 countries. According to a recent GPR (Global Passport Ranking) report- Canada ties for the eighth position alongside Greece, Malta, Australia, and the Czech Republic.

According to the firm, Japan’s passport is the world’s number one passport, as it enables people to enter a total of 193 countries. South Korea and Singapore tied for the second position at 192. Afghanistan’s passport was at the lowest ranking allowing entry to 27 countries without a visa.

How does a Canadian passport help you?

After getting a Canadian passport, you can enter and leave Canada anytime without a visa, permits or any restrictions. Only permanent residents are eligible for the passport, whereas temporary residents are not eligible for it.

In addition, you are also allowed to keep two passports, which means you can be a dual citizen and don’t need to drop your current passport. In case your homeland also allows multiple passports then you can keep over two passports based on your eligibility.

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Benefits of having a Canadian passport

Become a Canadian citizen

In order to acquire a Canadian passport, you should be a citizen of Canada. Below are the several steps of getting Canadian citizenship:

  • You have to be a permanent resident
  • Must file the taxes, if necessary
  • You need to meet the requirements of being physically present in Canada
  • Should pass your Canadian citizenship test
  • You need to prove the necessary language skills

You must prove that you were physically present in Canada for the equivalent of (1095 days) three years out of the recent five years. So, in conclusion, you need to spend a minimum of 1095 days for becoming a citizen of Canada.

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How can you apply for a Canadian passport?

You should wait for the citizenship ceremony and after getting the certificate, you will be eligible to apply for a passport. It is very rare for you to be considered not eligible, such a case can only occur when there is a misrepresentation, security-related concerns, international or human rights violations, and crime associated with the candidate.

It is extremely straightforward to apply for a Canadian passport. Even the people born in Canada need to show their proof of citizenship with a birth certificate.

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To apply for a Canadian passport, you should include the original copy of your citizenship certificate with your application in addition to the following documents:

  • You need to have your citizenship of Canada proof
  • Show an authentic passport of Canada or any travel document
  • You should have a document to prove your identity
  • Submit two passport-size photos (both identical)

You can either mail your documents or take them to a passport office for further processing.

 Canadian Application Processing time

The government of Canada has recently launched a tool that helps you to track the processing times, and currently, it says that the processing time for a Canadian passport takes between 2 to 13 weeks, in addition to the mailing time for people deciding to mail the application in.

Therefore, you are recommended to start the application process earlier if you have plans to travel outside Canada in near future.

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Canadian Passport Additional advantages

There are many benefits to obtaining a Canadian passport and once you get the passport, you already become a citizen of Canada and will experience all the freedoms and rights as other citizens.

In addition, you are eligible to vote in elections, and won’t be concerned about renewing your status regularly. Besides, there is no need of submitting applications or requesting extensions with IRCC.

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