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Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

Application procedure for Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP)

Application procedure for Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) Canada welcomes skilled immigrants to work and live in Alberta through different programs. Most of the new immigrants choose Alberta to prosper in their economic life. Alberta consists of most of Canada’s oil, natural gas, and mining industries which creates jobs for skilled workers in Alberta.

Alberta Immigration Program is a gateway for many immigrants in different fields. This program empowers the Alberta employers to hire skilled workers to fill the vacant jobs in Alberta. If you are interested to take part in this program, you should read the following steps to apply for AAIP.

Steps to apply for Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

If you want to apply for AAIP / ANIP then we encourage you to read the following steps carefully to fulfill all the required details. AAIP only considers the quality application which is carefully completed by the candidate.

Follow the following steps to apply for Alberta Advantage Immigration Program:

Step 1: Check your qualification

Choose the stream you want to apply for and check for all the requirements. Apply for the stream only if you are determined to fulfill all the requirements because AAIP won’t process any incomplete application.

To check the eligibility criteria for different AAIP streams check our latest article on Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) fees and eligibility criteria

Step 2: Submit a profile

This step is only for Alberta Express Express Entry Streamcandidates need to submit their profile online to IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada), and should fulfill the requirements for any one of the immigration programs given below:

  1. Canadian Experience Class
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  3. Federal Skilled Worker Program

After meeting the qualifications, you will receive a Job Seeker validation code and Express Entry profile number. AAIP will consider your profile only if you have shown interest in living in Alberta.

If Alberta sends you an NOI (Notification Of Interest), then you need to send an email with a copy of your letter and Express Entry profile attached with it at  lbr.pnpoffice@gov.ab.ca within two weeks after you get an invitation.

AAIP/ AINP  will send you a link to the AAIP online portal if you get selected.

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

Step 3: Create your MADI account

You should create a MyAlberta Digital ID (MDAI) account to submit your application online to Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP). You can access the government services with this ID.

Step 4: Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Registration

You need to create a profile under AAIP to fill out your application. You can apply for any category you are willing to but only after you register your account.

  1. Create your profile on  AAIP online portal 
  2. You need to fill all the required sections while you register
  3. Submit the AAIP registration form online

AAIP will send you a list of documents you need to provide after you have submitted your complete application.

Find out the Documents required for (AAIP).

Step 5: Pay your Application fee

You need to pay an application fee of CAD 500 which is non-refundable. You need to pay your application within 24 hours once you have submitted your application to AAIP.

AAIP application fees consist of the processing fees and the nomination certificate, doesn’t matter if you have received the nomination certificate or not. Your application fee doesn’t guarantee that you will receive a nomination certificate.

Step 6: Wait for the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program decision

You will receive an email from  (AAIP) about the decision of your application. If AAIP approves your application, you will receive an email with a nomination certificate and you will become a Provincial Nominee.

You may apply for application reconsideration if AAIP declines your application.

Firstly, read the reason for the decline of your application, then apply for reconsideration if you find to have a valid point for reconsideration.

You will have to pay CAD 100 for the application reconsideration request. AAIP accepts only one reconsideration request per application.

AAIP will process the request after you have paid the reconsideration fee which is non-refundable. Submit your request using the  AAIP online portal.

Step 7: Permanent Residence (PR) application

Lastly, if Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) approves your application, then you can apply for permanent resident (PR).

Your permanent residence approval depends upon the Government of Canada, it will decide whether you will receive permanent citizenship or not.

After you get nominated under AAIP

  1. Self-employed Farmer Stream: You need to apply for permanent residence under IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) within 6 months after you receive the nomination.
  2. Alberta Opportunity Stream: Apply for permanent residence within 6 months after you receive the nomination. AAIP may also extend your nomination.
  3. Alberta Express Entry Stream: You will have to apply for PR within 60 days after you receive the nomination from Alberta Advantage Immigration Program and will need to accept the nomination within 60 days.
  4.  Foreign Graduate Start-up Visa Stream or International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream: You have 6 months if you want to ask for an extension in your nomination. You need to submit your BPR (Business Progress Report) within 6 months of receiving the letter of nomination.

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