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IMP 2022 streams

6 types of (IMP) International Mobility Program 2022 streams

6 types of (IMP) International Mobility Program 2022 streams Employers in Canada can hire workers through the International Mobility Program 2022 (IMP) without the requirement of the (LMIA) Labour Market Impact Assessment. Today, we’ll check out the 6 IMP streams and their requirements, and you can carefully select what suit you the best.

Different streams for IMP

You can choose from these 6 different types of (IMP) International Mobility Program 2022 streams given below:

1. The cultural or social benefit to Canadian circumstances

Employers in Canada can issue work permits to foreign workers who are able to contribute to the economic and social welfare of the country. If the foreign employee fulfills these criteria then the Canadian employee doesn’t need Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to hire the workers.

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2. Bridging open work permit

(IRCC) Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada found (BOWP) Bridging Open Work Permit to allow the candidates to apply for permanent residence in Canada. It was designed for the workers whose permanent petitions are in progress but employers can still retain these workers.

3. International Free Trade Agreements

Like the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (CETA) and the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), International Free Trade Agreements also allow intra-company transferees, self-employed, specific service providers, and business travellers to invite foreign workers without the need of LMIA.

International Mobility Program streams

4. Reciprocal Youth Exchange Agreements

Workers who fall under the age group (18 to 35) years, for example- the (IEC) International Experience Canada can apply for this program.

This stream includes programs like IEC and allows candidates from more than 30 countries to apply for this IMP 2022 stream.

5. Post-graduation work permit program

When international students complete their graduation in Canada, they may get a (PGWP) Post Graduation Work Permit and can work for up to 3 years in Canada.

Employment permits for Post-Graduation may help graduates in getting permanent residency in Canada.

6. Intra-company transfer program

If you are an overseas worker, and willing to get a transfer to the Canadian branch then this stream is good for you. If your company or business has a subsidiary, parent company, branch, or affiliate in Canada and if you are an eligible candidate then you can get a Canadian visa through this stream.

Moreover, applicants who get approval through this (IMP) International Mobility Program 2022 stream can get a temporary work visa.

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Requirements for the International Mobility Program 2022 (IMP)

Given below are the requirements of (IMP) International Mobility Program 2022:

The cultural or social benefit to Canadian circumstances
  • You should be eligible along with an LMIA-exempt offer;
  • The candidate should have a fee payment proof of compliance from the employer;
  • Evidence of your work proving social, cultural or economic benefits.


Bridging open work permit
  • Should reside in Canada;
  • Work permit valid for 4 or fewer months;
  • A permanent residence application should include- a finished e-APR, with a principal applicant.
International Free Trade Agreements
  • Working visa;
  • You don’t need to complete an LMIA.
Reciprocal Youth Exchange Agreements
  • An agreement stating that a candidate may register for the work permit(IEC), or show a recognized RO.
  • Fulfill the territory and country citizenship eligibility criteria.
Post-graduation work permit program
  • You should be a foreign citizen with a minimum age of 18 years;
  • Should have finished your 8 months of study program in Canada.
Intra-company transfer program
  • Agree to temporary work in Canada;
  • Candidates must be willing to work for their parent company in Canada.

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