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Jobs for skilled immigrants in Canada

Top 15 in-demand jobs for skilled immigrants in Canada 2022

The Top 15 in-demand jobs for skilled immigrants in Canada 2022 :  There is a high demand for skilled immigrants in Canada and this moment is one of the rare moments in the history of this country. A great many sectors are looking for refugees and skilled immigrants who can help Canadian employers grow their businesses and offer crucial services to their customers.

This unusual demand is occurring due to a shortage of health care workers, IT workers, and transportation industry workers in Canada. Meanwhile, new immigrants are already doing well in these departments and most of the truck drivers working out of Canada’s biggest cities are newcomers.

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Windmill affordable loans for skilled immigrants

Windmill Microlending is known to be a national charity that offers affordable loans to refugees and skilled immigrants in Canada for their career development and training programs. This national charity helps people to pursue their professional goals in Canada.

You can check the Trending Jobs Report by Windmill which helps you find an abundant career path with the help of a provincial guide and the latest data from the labour market and serves you useful information about the best jobs in Canada.

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Jobs for skilled immigrants in Canada

Jobs list for skilled immigrants in Canada

The jobs that have the most scope for growth for refugees and skilled immigrants in Canada are as follows:

  • Truck driver
  • Skilled trades immigrants including plumbers, mechanics or electricians
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Software engineer
  • Family doctor
  • Financial accountant
  • Business data analyst
  • Civil engineer
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Technician (computer network)
  • Education workers including teachers or principals, childhood educators, administrator
  • Mining (natural resources), production worker along with metals, minerals and forestry
  • Lawyer
  • Professional in Human resources

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Uses of Windmill Loans

If you are looking for a Canadian job as a refugee and skilled immigrant in Canada, you can take help from the low-interest Windmill loans which will let you pay the cost of your training programs, certifications and other development courses that you want to pursue in Canada.

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You can use Windmill loans for the following career requirements:

  • Fees for Professional association
  • Books, work equipment, and course materials
  • Employment relocation costs
  • Travel expenses for taking exams or courses available in a different area than yours
  • French or English language training
  • Credential assessments
  • Living allowance for your support during training, relocation, or licensing
  • Licensing and qualifying exam fees
  • Training and education programs for 24 months or less, and courses that help with career advancement

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You can also take one-on-one coaching from Windmill about client success, along with mentorship programs, budgeting tools and financial planning and a virtual success centre and career planning to help refugees and skilled immigrants in Canada choose a better job.

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