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ICTP eligibility criteria

What is the Intra-Company Transfer Program ICTP eligibility criteria

Intra-Company Transfer Program ICTP eligibility criteria:  Foreign nationals looking to work in Canada can obtain a work permit in different ways, one of which is the ICT (Intra-Company Transfer) program.

ICT is mainly for candidates who are temporarily transferred to Canada to work for the Canadian parent company, branch, foreign company affiliate, or subsidiary company.

Given below are the eligibility criteria for the Intra-Company Transfer Program for employees, companies and startups. Please read the following points carefully and collect all necessary documents for the ICT eligibility criteria.

Employee ICTP eligibility criteria

Read the following Intra-Company Transfer Program ICTP eligibility criteria carefully if you want to come to Canada as an ICT employee:

  • You  currently need to be an employee at an MNC (Foreign Multi-National) Company, looking for employees to transfer to Canada;
  • The candidate must be transferred to a firm that is in a relationship with the current employee’s company to which the employee is getting transferred;
  • You should have a minimum of one year of full-time work experience (in the past three years) in a similar position that you want to work for in Canada;
  • The candidate should be undertaking the work in the continuing and legitimate establishment of the firm in Canada;
  • The ICT eligibility criteria also involve that you should meet all the immigration requirements for entry into Canada temporarily.

ICTP eligibility criteria

However, there are some exceptions which are related to the Intra-Company Transfer Program ICTP eligibility criteria mentioned above, which are as follows:

  • If you didn’t work full-time for the foreign MNC, the IRCC may take other factors into account like years of foreign company work experience, the work position similarity in comparison to Canada, part-time position extent, and also if there are any signs of the abuse to ICT work permit purpose by the company;
  • In case of a recent corporate merger or acquisition connected to the MNC, employees don’t need to work for one year provided that they have worked for any of the affiliates for a year (in the last year);
  • The successor entity should show that they have already supposed the original company’s obligations, assets, liabilities and interests and continue the same business as the original company.

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Company ICTP eligibility

The company’s ICTP eligibility criteria for transferring workers to Canada are as follows:

  • Relationship of a parent company, branch, affiliate, or subsidiary company with an organization in Canada;
  • ICT eligibility criteria include that the company should also be operating in Canada and receiving the national employee;
  • Thirdly, The foreign MNC and the Canadian company should be currently working together.

Start-up ICTP Eligibility criteria

The startups can get the Intra-Company Transfer Program ICTP work permit only if they can show their capacity of establishing themselves in Canada. The ICTP eligibility criteria and the demonstration of the capacity involves the following points:

  • You need to provide valid evidence demonstrating that your company can support the cost of startup and has the ability to pay wages to the employees;
  • Secondly, you should prepare and provide a business plan that shows the staffing plans for the new business operation in Canada;
  • Intra-Company Transfer Program ICT eligibility criteria mention that you should provide evidence that you have (0r is in the process) a physical location in Canada to run your business;
  • The start-up should be able to support the functions of managers or executives transferring to Canada;
  • Lastly, you need to demonstrate that the firm will be doing business and prove that the work will be directed by the Canadian management that is being operated in Canada.

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