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Atlantic Immigration Program Canada AIP

How to apply for Atlantic Immigration Program Canada (AIP)?

Atlantic Immigration Program Canada is a pathway for international skilled workers and graduates to get permanent residence in Canada. It was initially launched as a pilot program but has now shifted to permanent status, where skilled labour could immigrate to the country along with their family members.

This program consists of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, and Prince Edward Island (PEI) provinces. Before submitting the application to IRCC, the candidates also need provincial endorsement.

In addition, API has helped the province get skilled workers and international graduates to the in-demand sectors in the province. The program continues to attract the best talent to the region to build the brightest future in the Atlantic regions of Canada.

Moreover, the AIP program has resulted in an increase in the economic growth of the country, as a result, the province wants to attract a skilled labour force to help the local employers in Atlantic Canada.

How does Atlantic Immigration Program work?

Firstly, you must be willing to reside and live in one of the Atlantic provinces of Canada. Once an employer finds a suitable candidate for his employment needs and the candidate fits the eligibility criteria, the employer in the Atlantic region will first send an offer letter.

Additionally, employers don’t need a Labour Market Assessment (LMIA) to hire a skilled candidate for Atlantic Immigration Program Canada.

Secondly, after the candidate accepts the job offer, the designated employer will connect both the settlement service provider organization and the candidate to develop a settlement plan.

Atlantic Immigration Program Canada AIP


Moreover, the new immigrants or the candidates’ family members’ long-term integration will also be supported by the employer to fulfil the settlement plan after they land in Canada.

Furthermore, the designated employers will have temporary work permit access when they want to fill the post quickly. This will help the candidate along with his or her family members to arrive in the county at the earliest.

To obtain a valid work permit for Atlantic Immigration Program Canada, you need:

  • a valid job offer letter;
  • a letter by the province; and
  • you should commit to applying within 90 days of temporary work permit application for permanent residence.

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How to apply for Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)?

To participate in the program, the candidate needs to receive a job offer from an eligible employer in the Atlantic region of Canada.

In addition, you must fulfil the following requirements to immigrate to Atlantic Canada:

  • you must be a graduate who has recently completed his studies at a recognized Atlantic Canada post-secondary institution, or
  • you must be a skilled worker.

Lastly, you can either be living abroad or already living as a temporary resident in Canada for Atlantic Immigration Program.

The step-by-step process for AIP

You need to follow the following steps for Canadian immigration through the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) program.


Step 1: You need to have a valid job offer from a designated employer in Atlantic Canada;

Step 2:The candidate will receive a settlement plan after getting connected to settlement services;

Step 3:Furthermore, the candidate must send their settlement plan to the employer in Atlantic Canada so that they can send an endorsement application to the department;

Step 4: The candidate will get a provincial endorsement certificate;

Step 5: A work permit support letter may be given to you (if needed).

Immigration Application

Step 1: You need to submit the required documents along with your endorsement certificate and (PR) permanent residence application to IRCC;

Step 2: Your application will be reviewed and processed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC);

Step 3: While the application is under process, you should apply for the work permit (if needed);

Step 4: After IRCC approves your application, you can travel, live and work in Atlantic Canada;

Step 5: Lastly, you will get support from the settlement service provider, and your Atlantic Canada employer, as required.

Application fee for Atlantic Immigration Program Canada

The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) application fee is $1,365 CAD per adult. This fee includes a $515 CAD for permanent residence and a $850 CAD for application processing fee.

An additional fee of $230 CAD is applied for each dependent child if you apply for the AIP program with your family.

Lastly, a $85 CAD biometric fee for each person or $170 CAD for each family is applied along with the medical examination costs varying in different countries.

Processing time for the AIP applications

The time for PR applications is 12 months for Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) Canada as per the government websites. However, this time may vary based on the number of applications, ease of information verification, completeness of your application along with several other factors.

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