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Motion 44 Canada immigration program updates

What is importance of Motion 44 Canada immigration (M-44)?

What is Motion 44 Canada immigration (M-44)? : On May 11, 2022, the majority of members in the House of Commons agreed upon Motion 44 Canada immigration (M-44) to create Permanent residence pathways for temporary and foreign workers.

Randeep Sarai (member of parliament) from Surrey Centre British Columbia, initiated this moment on January 31, 2022, and placed a notice in the lower house of Parliament in Canada.

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Motion 44 (M-44) Canada Immigration

Out of 324 members, 323 members agreed upon Motion 44 Canada immigration amendment. It’s a resolution with regards to creating a pathway to get (PR) Permanent Residency for temporary foreign workers in Canada with collective opinion in the house of parliament.

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Moreover, it reflects that within 120 days the government of Canada should create a comprehensive plan for the adoption of this plan with the collective opinion of house members which includes the following:

  • Firstly, it will allow all skill-level workers to immigrate to Canada so as to meet all kinds of labour needs that will expand the economic immigration, and;
  • Secondly, this program will provide Permanent residency (PR) pathways for international students, and temporary foreign workers in the sectors facing labour shortages with significant work experience.

Motion 44 Canada immigration

Impacts of Motion 44 Canada immigration

Motion 44 Canada immigration (M-44) will help to create pathways for temporary workers toward getting permanent residency in Canada along with increasing immigration opportunities for various candidates.

Likewise, all skill-level workers with relevant work experience in Canada will be able to gain permanent residency and meet the large areas of labour needs and shortages in relevant sectors.

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Elements incorporated in Motion 44 Canada immigration

The elements incorporated in Motion 44 Canada immigration (M-44) are as follows:

  • Amending the eligibility criteria for economic programs to expand significant occupational categories and support in-Canada work experience at several skill levels;
  • Furthermore, to examine the data gathered and evidence from the Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Pathway, Rural and Northern Immigration Program (RNIP), Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP), Provincial Nominee Process (PNP), and Agri-Food Pilot programs;
  • Equally important is to incorporate data on skill shortages, and the labour market to align policy on the selection of immigrants with constant labour shortages and gaps;
  • Moreover, in the assessment of ways  to increase the immigrants’ geographic distribution and support immigration retention in smaller areas, along with the increase in outside Quebec Francophone immigration;
  • Besides, it will identify mechanics to ensure flexibility in the selection tools for immigration and to act fast in the labour market changes needs and economical priorities in the regional sector;
  • Lastly, specifically considering essential sectors and occupations that are underrepresented in the present immigration programs, like health services, caregivers, agriculture, manufacturing, trades, service industry and transportation.

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