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Ontario Provincial Nomination 2022 and BC PNP draw

Updates for Ontario Provincial Nomination 2022 and BC 2022 draw

Updates for Ontario Provincial Nomination 2022 and BC 2022 draw This week through (PNP) Provincial Nomination Program, Ontario and British Columbia invited candidates and issued ITAs. Getting a provincial nomination can be the first step to getting permanent residence in Canada from (IRCC) Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Most provinces in Canada have their own PNP nominations and eligible candidates are invited through these PNP (Provincial Nominations Programs) programs in Canada.

Furthermore, the PNP (Provincial Nominations Program) was launched in 1998 since then it has significantly increased its prominence and accounts for more than 80,000 PR (Personal Residence) admissions every year.

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Moreover, Provincial and Federal governments consider PNP programs the best way to improve the economic development of urban centers with the highest number of immigrants already living there.

Results for Ontario Provincial Nomination 2022

Ontario Provincial Nomination 2022 results between September 30 to October 7

Ontario Provincial Nomination 2022 invited 1,340 immigrants on September 29, from the Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream, besides candidates need a total score of 266 to be eligible for OINP.

Furthermore, in this stream all the applicants should have the following eligibility criteria:

You should be living in Ontario and need a minimum of 12 months of work experience- paid/full-time or paid/part-time experience for 1 year in skill trade in Ontario, listed in NOC (National Occupation Classification) Major Group 82, 72, or 73 or Minor Group 633, along with the obtained work experience within past 24 months.

In addition, you need to have a valid certificate or license from Ontario for your trade along with a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score of 5 or more in French/English.

Likewise, Ontario is known to be the most populated province and aims to welcome the greatest number of immigrants every year.

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Ontario Provincial Nomination 2022 and BC PNP draw

Results for British Provincial Nomination 2022

British Columbia results between September 30 to October 7

On October 4, British Columbia invited over 229 immigrants to apply for the PNP programs in British Columbia.

184 candidates were invited for tech occupations in the general draw. Candidates received invitations in the International Graduates and Skilled Workers categories along with candidates in the Express Entry.

Additionally, candidates had a SIRS score between 82 and 120 in the general draw. The applicants invited for the invitation rounds work in the occupations mentioned below:

  • 13 workers in the healthcare, International Graduates, Semi-Skilled and Entry Level with a minimum score of 60 points;
  • 32 assistants and early childhood educators (NOC 4214) with a minimum score of 60 points;
  • Entry Level Healthcare assistants and Semi-Skilled applicants having at least 60 points;
  • Additional priority occupations with at least 60 points.

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These were the results for Ontario Provincial Nomination 2022 and British PNP programs.

As per the reports, this is October’s last draw and will remain paused till November 16 because of the transformations in the (NOC) National Occupation Classification and we will see an updated way for candidates’ skill level assessment in the economic immigration programs.

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