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Canada outland spousal sponsorship

What is Canada outland spousal sponsorship?- Angad Immigration

What is Canada outland spousal sponsorship:  Outland sponsorship program helps Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their spouses living in foreign countries to immigrate to Canada. While your application is under process your spouse can travel in and out of Canada as a visitor.

Your spouse will need a valid visa to visit Canada as a visitor, however, it doesn’t guarantee your entry, and officers may still refuse your visit if necessary. Moreover, Outland applications get processed faster than inland applications as they are processed in the visa office.

Furthermore, make sure to double-check your forms and documents to avoid further delay in your spousal sponsorship application process. Below are some important things that you should know about the spousal sponsorship program.

What is Canada outland spousal sponsorship?

Outland sponsorship lets the Canadian spouse sponsor their common-law partner or spouse who is living outside Canada to migrate into the country.

Besides, if your spouse is living outside the country at the time of your application process then outland sponsorship can be the only available option for you.

In addition, Canada aims at reuniting loved ones as quickly as possible and this is why a vast majority of applications are processed within 1 year.

Moreover, this program is mainly for applicants living outside Canada. However, you can apply for outland sponsorship even if you’re living inside the country as it may allow you to travel outside Canada while your Canada outland spousal sponsorship application is under process.

Canada outland spousal sponsorship

Steps to submit outland spousal sponsorship application

You need to follow the steps below carefully to apply for the Canada outland spousal sponsorship program:

Step 1: Candidates need to get the application package from the government program and read the instructions to fill out the given forms correctly;

Step 2: The second step is to pay the application fees;

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Step 3: Thirdly, you must complete all the forms and sign them. Make sure you have checked if there is a need for additional country-specific forms requirement as per your partner or spouse’s country of residence;

Step 4: Lastly, you need to send your sponsorship application to the visa office. You can check the mailing address in the guide for the outland spousal sponsorship Canada.

Outland spousal sponsorship application time

The current time for Canada outland spousal sponsorship application program is 12 months, including the time needed to review the eligibility requirements and application and to provide the biometrics of both the person being sponsored.

Secondly, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt after 4 months from IRCC. Finally, the sponsored person’s application will be evaluated for permanent residence in 6 months.

Due to the pandemic, IRCC seems to prioritize the applications forms for outland spousal sponsorship Canada of the following:

  • Canadian citizens trying to return to Canada;
  • Vulnerable persons;
  • Candidates providing and supporting essential services.

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