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Canada Student Direct Stream SDS

Canada Student Direct Stream (SDS)- Get the fastest study permit

Canada Student Direct Stream (SDS)- Get the fastest study permit International students can now study and immigrate to Canada more easily because the country has now made it easier for international students to acquire a study permit in Canada. Student Direct Stream program helps Canada to accelerate study permit applications for international students across 14 countries. If you apply through the SDS stream, IRCC will process your application within 20 days for the eligible countries including India.

Note: The immigrants from the 14 eligible countries currently living in Canada cannot avail of the benefits of the (SDS) Canada Student Direct Stream program while they apply for the study permit. In addition, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will refuse to accept incomplete applications of the candidates.

Canada student direct stream (SDS)

To apply for the (SDS) Canada Student Direct Stream, the candidate must:

  • You must provide a letter of acceptance copy to a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada;
  • Valid language result proof completed within 24 months from the application date, containing a 6 or higher score in the IELTS in each language skill; or equivalent TEF score to a minimum score of 7 in CLB for each language ability;
  •  Medical exam proof of the candidate;
  • You should have proof of a (GIC) Guaranteed Investment Certificate of $ 10,000;
  • Candidates must submit proof that they have paid the first-year tuition fees;
  • Secondary or post-secondary most recent transcript;
  • You should submit your application at a VAC (Visa Application Centre).

The additional documents needed to apply for the (SDS) Student Direct Stream program are as follows:

  • Application for Study Permit made outside of Canada form; and
  • Schedule 1 – Application for a Temporary Resident Visa form.

Canada Student Direct Stream SDS

The successful candidates will get a Canadian study permit and an Entry letter of introduction so that they can study in Canada. Students can work in Canada after enrolling in a full-time eligible program leading to a diploma, certificate or degree from a DLI with a valid study permit.

Students can work full-time on campus for the whole year; or for a part-time basis during off-campus in their regular semesters. Besides, they can also work full-time during their scheduled breaks in the Student Direct Stream program.

In addition, students can also work in a co-op or internship placement if the program mentions that students must work in order to finish their (SDS) Canada Student Direct Stream study program.

Note: You need to have a SIN (Social Insurance Number) in order to work in Canada. It is a 9-digit unique number used by the Canadian government to categorize and identify the residents.

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SDS processing time

You can get your study permit faster through SDS, IRCC mostly processes (SDS) Canada Student Direct Stream applications within 20 calendar days after all the eligibility requirements are met by the candidate.

Only electronic applications are eligible for the processing of the SDS Student Direct Stream program. In addition, the regular study permit application stream processes all the paper applications and the time processing time may vary as per the applications.

A study permit and visa are both different than each other and hence you cannot enter Canada solely on the basis of a study permit. You also need an (etA) electronic travel authorization or a visitor visa to enter the country.

Lastly, you can meet the eligibility requirements or submit your biometrics as soon as possible to speed fast the (SDS) Canada Student Direct Stream process.

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