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Global Talent Stream Canada

New occupations added to the Global Talent Stream Canada 2023

Global Talent Stream Canada added five new occupations on December 22nd to invite more skilled and qualified foreign workers in the technology sector. Likewise, engineers from five different streams can now apply for a Canada work permit.

Employment & Social Development Canada (ESDC) has made recent changes in the occupational system. This comes at a time when the demand for engineers in Canada is on the rise. Moreover, the move has increased the total number of occupations under the Global Talent Stream (GTS) to seventeen.

What is ESDC and Global Talent Stream Canada

ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) is a department under the Government of Canada which works to support the Canadian labour force. Besides, it also oversees immigration matters including the issuance of LMIAs (Labour Market Internal Assessments).

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The Global Talent Stream Canada was introduced in 2017 to expedite the process of foreign immigration into Canada. The GTS applications are processed under TFWP (Temporary Foreign Worker Program).

In addition, the GTS is responsible for bringing the high skilled workers in specialized occupations into Canada and focuses on engineering and technology-related fields.  

Global Talent Stream Canada

New professions added

To this date, there were twelve occupations that were eligible for receiving permanent residency in Canada. On 22nd December 2022, the ESDC expanded the list of eligible occupations in the GTS. Furthermore, the five new occupations that have been added under the Global Talent Stream Canada include the following:

  • Electrical and electronics engineer (NOC code 21310);
  • Mining engineer (NOC code 21330);
  • Computer Engineer (This excludes software engineers and designers, NOC code 21311);
  • Civil engineers (NOC code 21300);
  • Aerospace engineer (NOC code 21390).

Reasons for adding new occupations in the Global Talent Stream

The list of eligible occupations under the Global Talent Stream Canada is curated according to the labour market needs of Canada. Likewise, the inclusion of these professions clearly shows that the demand for these professionals has increased within the job market of Canada.

Furthermore, this year, specific professions have been targeted for the immigration process. Similarly, this could be a result of extreme labour shortages and a rise in the percentage of people moving toward retirement. In a post-COVID scenario, Canada shall address its economy and labour needs in a much more targeted way in the upcoming years.

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