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Canadian work experience for engineers

The End of Canadian work experience for engineering jobs in Ontario

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) becomes the first association to introduce a massive change in the application criteria for engineers. On May 23, the Minister of Ontario announced that there is no need for Canadian work experience for international candidates.

It is seen that only one-third of immigrants out of international professionals are working in the sectors that they studied for. It is clearly an injustice for the potential candidates for engineering jobs in Ontario.

The province wants to help uplift international professionals without being affected by any regulatory bodies so that immigrants can earn a better life for themselves and their families. As a result, the Canadian work experience is removed to ease the process of applying for newcomers.

Despite removing the Canadian experience requirement, the candidates should still demonstrate 4 years of engineering experience after graduation. Furthermore, out of those 4 years, they should have 1 year of experience under a professional engineer with a valid licence in the Canadian jurisdiction.

Canadian work experience for engineers

As per McNaughton’s statement, the province is facing a staggering 300,000 unoccupied job positions. These jobs also include engineering jobs resulting in the loss of billions of dollars in the country.

This change ensures that newcomers to engineering jobs in Ontario will get the licence to work in Ontario more quickly after removing the Canadian work experience requirement.

Moreover, Ontario had 85,649 licensed engineers as per the PEO report of the year 2019. Additionally, it has 24,258 registered professionals and stands second in the number of internationally trained professionals.

Royce says that Professionals Engineers Ontario (PEO) is set out to ensure that all professional engineers fulfil the qualification and only well-qualified candidates are selected by a competency-based assessment model to practice engineering.

Lastly, some candidates may still need Canadian work experience in unrelated sectors like hospitality and retail.

Removal of Canadian work experience for other professions

Accreditation for newcomers was the largest hurdle to filling the vacant job positions in engineering jobs in Ontario and other professions in the province.

Despite being the most populous province in Canada, Ontario is facing extreme labour shortages in many areas. As a result, the province decided to remove the Canadian work experience.

Consequently, the province is taking reasonable actions to ease the process for new professionals. As a result, the legislation is passed which ensures Canadian jurisdiction nurses can work in the province without registering for the colleges in the health regulation department.

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Furthermore, the nurses can now register for temporary classes, while working to attain full registration. This initiative will ease the process and help the province to fill the jobs more quickly

As per the report of the College of Nurse Ontario, 5,124 nurses out of 12,385 registered nurses who were registered by the college last year were not trained in the country.

Lastly, the college has taken some steps in changing the language proficiency policy. It also includes collaborating with universities and colleges in order to help the applicants to meet the eligibility requirements.

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