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Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025

Canadian Immigration Levels Plan releases on November 1, 2022

Canadian Immigration Levels Plan releases on November 1, 2022 IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) brings out an Immigration Levels Plan each year that guides you about the number of immigrants allowed for Canadian immigration every year. This plan breakdowns the immigrants from family, economic, and humanitarian classes for the following three years.

According to the IRPA (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act) – the primary immigration law of Canada, the government should announce the level plans each year on November 1. This is the second announcement for Immigration plans for the year 2023-2025. The first announcement was made in February 2022.

Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025

Canada gradually increases the number of total permanent residents to 451,000 for 2024 which was 431,645 in 2022 including all immigration classes under the Immigration Levels Plan.

Till now the country has welcomed more than 300,000 permanent residents in Canada, and the majority are from the economic program class.

The economic class immigrants target is around 241,849 for 2022 which is 60% of all the immigrants. In addition, the 2022 plan aims to invite 105,000 immigrants from the family class and 8,250 immigrants from the humanitarian and refugees class.

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These targets may vary after the announcements of the new Immigration Levels Plan for the next 3 years which are 2023, 2024, and 2025.

Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025

What does Immigration Levels Plan contain?

Basically, Immigration Levels Plan shows an increase in the target of immigrants which is the highest ever because the total target was only 250,000 immigrants in 2016 which increased to 405,000 immigrants in 2021, breaking the record for permanent residents in Canada.

Furthermore, the target for 2023 is about 447,055 immigrants which may increase in 2024 to 451,000 immigrants.

Moreover, IRCC consults with governmental departments and stakeholders to form Immigration Levels Plan and balances the allocation of different classes in each program.

Immigration Minister Fraser declared that he would analyze the needs in the labour market as some provincial ministers are saying that the current plan doesn’t have enough spots for the PNP programs.

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Moreover, the minister didn’t specify the date but he said that the target may increase to 500,000 new PRs in Canada.

According to the (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) IRCC’s data on August 31, the permanent residency applications under process are 513, 923. Besides, IRCC mentions that it has been working to speed up the application processing time and client services through the digital process and by hiring 1000+ employees.

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IRCC welcomes more immigrants

IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) creates the Immigration Levels Plan with the help of consulting with other governmental departments in order to reunite families, grow the country’s economy, and support immigrants.

In addition. the economy of Canada needs new immigrants as they contribute to the country by paying taxes and supporting the labour market.

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Besides, the infrastructure, healthcare, education, pensions and many more things are supported by taxes, and most of Canada’s population is coming to the retiring age so more and more immigrants are in demand to balance the economy.

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